V.K. Puppala, MD

As featured in Atlanta Magazine’s Top Doctors, Dr. V.K. Puppala is a leading expert in pain and spine medicine. Practicing in West Georgia, Dr. Puppala uses the latest treatments to help resolve the chronic pain that cripples his patients. His methods trace their roots to the pioneers of modern day spinal medicine practices, and his extensive amount of education and experience give him the ability to use a multidisciplinary approach to finding and treating the root cause of his patients’ pain.  Learn more…

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Spine Pain

An Expansive Solution

We can heal numerous conditions that cause pain in the spine. From scoliosis to degenerative disc disease, our numerous years of experience have helped countless lives. Learn more about the conditions we can help treat here.

Precision and Expertise

The staff at Comprehensive Spine & Pain and Dr. Puppala have gained their expertise from the pioneers of the industry, and our treatments lead to long term solutions. Don’t be a victim of constant pain. Consulting with us is the first step to taking your life back. Our patients are able to get back to work, play with their children/grandchildren, and live their life without worrying about the nagging pains that plagued them for so long. What our patients are saying…


V.K. Puppala MD

Featured in Atlanta Magazine’s Top Doctors, Dr. V. K. Puppala is an expert in chronic pain management and uses the latest techniques and treatments for chronic pain. He emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to treatment, blending tools, techniques and principles learned from his extensive education and years of experience. Learn more…


An Expansive Solution

Dr. Puppala can heal numerous conditions that cause pain in the spine. From scoliosis to degenerative disc disease, his numerous years of experience have helped countless lives. Learn more about the conditions he can help heal here.


Precision and Expertise

Dr. Puppala has gained his expertise from the pioneers of his industry, and his treatments lead to long term solutions. Don’t be a victim to constant pain. Consulting with him is the first step to taking your life back. Schedule an appointment…



Years of Experience


One of Atlanta’s Best

Dr. Puppala is considered one of Atlanta’s best spine and pain specialists. He has helped thousands of patients relieve pain and restored their lives.

Lives Healed
"I couldn’t turn my neck when I came in. I am able to turn my neck after the shot. I felt the pressure was uplifted."
"The injection has helped me a lot. When I first came here, I wasn’t able to do much for myself. the pain is less, I am able to walk, drive, do some house work, and do things I wasn’t able to do before coming here."
"I’ve been in pain for 20 years and until Dr. Puppala, I lived with it. After his injections, I am feeling better with every one. I have already sent a friend to him. I look forward to being pain free as I continue to see him."
"Before the shot, my pain was a “9.” Now after the injection, I feel numb from the waist down with no pain. I would like to follow up 2-3 days."
"This experience at Alliance Spine and Pain Centers was remarkable. I was in excruciating pain for the past 4 days and got recommended to visit this clinic. I was amazed. I came in with horrible pain and 30 minutes later, I am not limping anymore and feel no pain whatsoever. Dr. Puppala and his staff was very caring, helpful and informative with all of the procedures I would expect. I would recommend to anyone suffering with lower back or pinch nerve pain. I will definitely be back. I am so grateful for this clinic."
"Since I had the procedure, my lower back pain has improved at least by 90%. Mobility and quality of life is also much better."
"I would definitely recommend Dr. Puppala for ANYONE needing a trigger point injection. It was extremely painful for me to walk, sit, and stand, and Dr. Puppala worked his magic on me. I feel 100% better than before. Thank you Dr. Puppala!"
"My pain has decreased some from the 1st block and I am hopeful that it will be decreased, or hopefully eliminated, with this second one. I am impressed w/ the staff and the outstanding care provided and attention paid to the questions I had. It was a very good experience with this facility and staff."
"I came in with a 7-8 level pain in my neck. After injection it is a 0. Yippee!"
"I am so happy I got the stimulator implant. It works very well at controlling some of my pain. My only regret is that I didn’t get it sooner."
"I am so thankful for the nerve block injections C3-C7. My pain wasn’t felt after about 5 days after the injection. For the first time in a year no pain in my neck or left arm or shoulders. Wow! I couldn’t believe NO pain. Thank you Dr. Puppala for helping me to feel better. My prayer to be me again active with no pain in my neck has been answered."
"I would recommend this device to anyone. This is the first time in over 20 years that I am pain free. I have so much energy and am very active. I no longer have to take pain medication."
"So far, WHAT a difference! I’m in love! Only wish is we had done this sooner. I have great hopes that this is going to change my life!"
"I received the trial for the DCS two months prior and besides the pain from the implant I could tell the pulsing would help a good deal. The permanent DCS was put in on August 26 and aside from the pain of the surgery which has almost ceased over the last few days it is helping lots. I was standing and sitting bent over forward 24/7 and to the right 24/7 I. Now I am almost standing and sitting with my back almost all the way up to normal for the first time in 5 1/2 years other than the injections given which didn't last for long. I still sit to the right side and stand this way also, but just to be able to sit and stand out word is tremendous and I am so very thankful for this machine. Thank you again!"
"Having the trial stimulator was the best thing that Dr. Puppala has done for me. I would recommend it to anyone that is having lower back pain and tailbone pain. Without it I have been miserable and in pain. My pain medication hasn’t been helping to cease my pain. I will be hoping my insurance will approve for me to get the full-time simulator."
"I thought the idea of having the simulator put in for a year at which time I had leg and back pain so bad that I couldn't live my normal active life. I decided to hurts so bad that I had nothing left to do, so I tried it. Paying left the same day it was done. I highly suggest anyone in such pain, do it. It's wonderful to feel no pain."
"My experience was awesome. I could sit, stand, walk, work, and I would say it took away 90% of the pain."
"I am more mobile now that I have my stimulator than I was before it was done. I am hoping he gets better and better in time."
"Since coming to CPM, my pain management "journey "has been wonderful. I have spinal cord stimulator implant in 2013 but it was constantly shocking me when it was turned on. The experience was so bad that I literally had to stop using it. After speaking with Dr. Puppala about my situation, he told me about the Boston Scientific Stimulator and asked if I would want to try it. That was the best move I made and trying to control my pain. It deafly allows me to take less medication which makes my life much better!"
"I feel so much better by getting the shots and treatments given to me by the pain clinic here in Carrollton. I am capable of spending more time with my grandchildren, and I am enjoying my life so much more. I absolutely love the doctors here."
"My pain level was six before my procedure and within five minutes afterwards it was down to a four, and upon leaving it was down to a two. Great deal of relief!"

A Revolutionary Approach to Pain Treatment

Recent breakthroughs in medicine have improved the way that pain can be resolved in those that suffer from it. New approaches are being taken that are minimally invasive and diminish the need for addicting prescription pain medications. Instead of masking the pain with prescription pain medications, Dr. Puppala can locate and treat the root cause of your pain. The result is a long term solution that alleviates or reduces pain so that you can take control of your life again.

Dr. V.K Puppala is a double board certified pain and spine specialist who uses a multidisciplinary approach for treating the root cause of his patients’ pain. He uses his numerous years of education and experience to create a precise diagnosis for his patients, and some of his treatments can even be performed without the use of general anesthetics. The variety of treatments he specializes in is a testament to his determination to help heal his patients in the most efficient way. Your life does not have to be dictated by the pain you feel. Take your first step to recovery and call Dr. Puppala and take your life back.

Relieving your pain and returning your life to a better quality is my first priority.V.K. Puppala MD

Every year, countless people choose pain management as a way to regain their quality of life. Dr. Puppala’s patients thank him for giving them the ability to get back to work, enjoy time with their families, and get back to the recreational activities they used to love doing. Chronic pain is a severely crippling condition, and Dr. Puppala has a passion to help his patients in tackling the root cause of their pain. You don’t have to go through it alone. Call Dr. Puppala today for a direct look into his extensive experience, the immense respect he has for his patients, and his strong determination to help his patients take their lives back.




Herniated Discs

herniated disc

Muscle Spasms

muscle spasms



Rotator Cuff

rotator cuff

Sports Injuries

sports injuries

Lower Back Pain

lower back pain

Degenerative Disc Disease

degenerative disc disease

Knee Pain

knee pain

These are only a portion of the conditions that Dr. Puppala can heal!

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Personal Treatment Plans

Dr. V. K. Puppala is passionate about helping each of his patients with the same respect and care. He uses a multidisciplinary approach with extensive years of education and experience to pinpoint the underlying root cause of the pain. By finding the root cause of the pain, Dr. Puppala develops personal treatment plans for his patients. His expertise in numerous pain procedures gives him the ability to provide the best treatment plan for each patient.

Pain Management

Pain is a common condition for all of us, which is why it is the most common reason one sees a physician. Certain doctors will prescribe highly addictive pain medications as a way to mask the pain, but pain pills do not provide a long term solution to the underlying cause of it. Dr. Puppala is a pain management specialist who focuses on providing tangible solutions to his patients’ pain. Instead of masking the pain, Dr. Puppala helps in diminishing and/or removing it.

Sport Injuries

Pain and sports injuries are common among active people. Some of Dr. Puppala’s patients have seen significant improvement immediately after his procedures. Dr. Puppala specializes in diagnosing and treating sport related injuries so that you can get back in the game faster. Instead of taking pain medication that come with the risk of increased pain after the effects diminish, Dr. Puppala can provide a more viable solution.


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V.K. Puppala MD
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As Featured in Atlanta Magazine’s Top Doctors
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