Foot & Ankle Injuries

The feet and ankles provide overall stability to your body, and a sprain occurs when the ligaments are stretched/pulled, but a fracture means that the bone has broken. A sprain limits mobility, but a bone fracture prevents any pressure to be placed on the foot.


There are many causes for foot and ankle injuries. People can develop them from strenuous activity, sports, blunt force impact, and more. Sprains can keep you from performing activities at an optimal level, and fractures can sideline you for weeks. Stress fractures can create a chronic nagging pain, and can get develop into full fractures if left untreated.


Some symptoms of a foot or ankle injury are:

  • Pain
  • Brusing & Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Limited mobility of the ankle and/or foot

When to See Dr. Puppala

Don’t let your ankle or foot injury keep you sidelined from your daily activities. Foot and ankle injuries are very common, and Dr. Puppala can help you get back to normal faster. He uses a multidisciplinary approach to figure out the most optimal solution for your pain.