Radiculitis is a term that is used to describe the neurological symptoms felt when a nerve becomes irritated, compressed, or inflamed. Radiculitis can affect any nerve that travels out from the spine, but it is mainly seen in the neck and/or the lower back. Sciatica is a type of Radiculitis that causes pain to travel through the sciatic nerve and the lower body and eventually reaching your feet.


Symptoms of Radiculitis can be compared to those of a painfully pinched nerve. Symptoms such as tingling, numbness, and pain that radiates along the nerve path, can create a feeling of pins and needles throughout the body. As Radiculitis gets worse, muscles can get deteriorate and weaken, and a loss of reflexes gradually sets in. The location that these symptoms are felt depends on the location of origin of Radiculitis. If Radiculitis originates around the neck, it will affect the upper extremities, and if the source originates in the lower back, symptoms are felt at and below the buttocks.

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Lumbar Radiculitis

This condition is caused by compression in the nerve root located in the lower area of the spine. The condition can sciatic, which causes acute pain running down the lower half of the body. It’s commonly caused by a pinching of the nerve roots due to a herniation within the lumbar discs. This condition can also be called by a bone spur that is located in the lumbar area.

Choose the Best Treatment

The first step to treating a condition is to find the underlying source of the problem. Treatment plans for spinal conditions begin with rest, stretching, exercising, and medication. If the pain persists, physical therapy can also be used, and then a surgical solution is recommended if the pain persists thereafter.

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