Rotator Cuff Pain

The rotator cuff is a group of tendons that work together to stabilize the shoulder. An injury to the rotator cuff can severely limit the mobility of a persons arm by limiting the ability to lift it. This condition affects athletes that have to perform a throwing motion of some sort such as baseball players, football players, swimmers, martial artists, and more. The condition can also affect people that have labor intensive jobs such as construction workers. In severe cases of this condition, surgical repair may be required.


A rotator cuff injury can lead to the following symptoms:

  • Weakness in the arm
  • Chronic pain in the shoulder area
  • Mobility of the arm is severely limited

Causes & Factors

Some causes of a rotator cuff injury are as follows:

Heavy Lifting/Repetitive Stress:
Lifting an item that is too heavy can create a strain on the shoulder. The position that you lift the item also can significantly impact whether the strain can lead to a tear of the rotator cuff. The repetitiveness of the lifting can also gradually increase stress and strain on the rotator cuff tendon.

Abnormal Bone Growth:
An abnormal growth of bone can occur in areas of the shoulder blade that can rub against the tendon in the rotator cuff.

Sports/Strenuous Activities:
Many different sports can lead to a rotator cuff injury. Any job that requires heavy and repetitive lifting can also cause an injury to the rotator cuff.

The risk of injuring a rotator cuff increases as you age.

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