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Note: Patient names have been excluded for confidentiality.

“I couldn’t turn my neck when I came in. I am able to turn my neck after the shot. I felt the pressure was uplifted.”

“The injection has helped me a lot. When I first came here, I wasn’t able to do much for myself. the pain is less, I am able to walk, drive, do some house work, and do things I wasn’t able to do before coming here.”

“I’ve been in pain for 20 years and until Dr. Puppala, I lived with it. After his injections, I am feeling better with every one. I have already sent a friend to him. I look forward to being pain free as I continue to see him.”

“Before the shot, my pain was a “9.” Now after the injection, I feel numb from the waist down with no pain. I would like to follow up 2-3 days.”

“This experience at Alliance Spine and Pain Centers was remarkable. I was in excruciating pain for the past 4 days and got recommended to visit this clinic. I was amazed. I came in with horrible pain and 30 minutes later, I am not limping anymore and feel no pain whatsoever. Dr. Puppala and his staff was very caring, helpful and informative with all of the procedures I would expect. I would recommend to anyone suffering with lower back or pinch nerve pain. I will definitely be back. I am so grateful for this clinic.”

“Since I had the procedure, my lower back pain has improved at least by 90%. Mobility and quality of life is also much better.”

“I would definitely recommend Dr. Puppala for ANYONE needing a trigger point injection. It was extremely painful for me to walk, sit, and stand, and Dr. Puppala worked his magic on me. I feel 100% better than before. Thank you Dr. Puppala!”

“My pain has decreased some from the 1st block and I am hopeful that it will be decreased, or hopefully eliminated, with this second one. I am impressed w/ the staff and the outstanding care provided and attention paid to the questions I had. It was a very good experience with this facility and staff.”

“I came in with a 7-8 level pain in my neck. After injection it is a 0. Yippee!”

“I am so happy I got the stimulator implant. It works very well at controlling some of my pain. My only regret is that I didn’t get it sooner.”

“I am so thankful for the nerve block injections C3-C7. My pain wasn’t felt after about 5 days after the injection. For the first time in a year no pain in my neck or left arm or shoulders. Wow! I couldn’t believe NO pain. Thank you Dr. Puppala for helping me to feel better. My prayer to be me again active with no pain in my neck has been answered.”

“I would recommend this device to anyone. This is the first time in over 20 years that I am pain free. I have so much energy and am very active. I no longer have to take pain medication.”

“So far, WHAT a difference! I’m in love! Only wish is we had done this ooner. I have great hopes that this is going to change my life!”

“I received the trial for the DCS two months prior and besides the pain from the implant I could tell the pulsing would help a good deal. The permanent DCS was put in on August 26 and aside from the pain of the surgery which has almost ceased over the last few days it is helping lots. I was standing and sitting bent over forward 24/7 and to the right 24/7 I. Now I am almost standing and sitting with my back almost all the way up to normal for the first time in 5 1/2 years other than the injections given which didn’t last for long. I still sit to the right side and stand this way also, but just to be able to sit and stand out word is tremendous and I am so very thankful for this machine. Thank you again!”

“Having the trial stimulator was the best thing that Dr. Puppala has done for me. I would recommend it to anyone that is having lower back pain and tailbone pain. Without it I have been miserable and in pain. My pain medication hasn’t been helping to cease my pain. I will be hoping my insurance will approve for me to get the full-time simulator.”

“I thought the idea of having the simulator put in for a year at which time I had leg and back pain so bad that I couldn’t live my normal active life. I decided to hurts so bad that I had nothing left to do, so I tried it. Paying left the same day it was done. I highly suggest anyone in such pain, do it. It’s wonderful to feel no pain.”

“My experience was awesome. I could sit, stand, walk, work, and I would say it took away 90% of the pain.”

“I am more mobile now that I have my stimulator than I was before it was done. I am hoping he gets better and better in time.”

“Since coming to CPM, my pain management “journey “has been wonderful. I have spinal cord stimulator implant in 2013 but it was constantly shocking me when it was turned on. The experience was so bad that I literally had to stop using it. After speaking with Dr. Puppala about my situation, he told me about the Boston Scientific Stimulator and asked if I would want to try it. That was the best move I made and trying to control my pain. It deafly allows me to take less medication which makes my life much better!”

“I feel so much better by getting the shots and treatments given to me by the pain clinic here in Carrollton. I am capable of spending more time with my grandchildren, and I am enjoying my life so much more. I absolutely love the doctors here.”

“My pain level was six before my procedure and within five minutes afterwards it was down to a four, and upon leaving it was down to a two. Great deal of relief!”

“In April 2015 Dr. Puppala began a series of injections, RFA’s, and epidurals on my lower back. It has changed my life. I now live mostly pain-free, and my walking is gone from a noticeable limp to a normal gait with no limp. This has been such a blessing and Dr. Puppala and his staff are gracious, courteous, and dedicated professionals. I will forever be eternally grateful for. I’m 63 and have never felt better! Thank you all and may God bless.”

“I had four procedures on both sides of my back. The relief has been wonderful. Initially there was some residual pain, but I have had almost 100% relief.”

“Dr. Puppala was very nice and took such good care of me today in his office.”

“I was hurt when I came in and I felt good at this time. He did good.”

“The burning of the nerves has helped immensely. The pain decreased overall about 70% and I’m able to walk a lot better since the procedure took place.”

“Dr. P has been a big relief for my chronic pains after three surgeries on each my knees and staples in my right knee. I didn’t want to wear a part on myself as I am A computer person, and I install projectors and computers. I am a very active person and the procedures have helped me extremely in my daily working up and down ladders. Glad I have met the folks here. They are very helpful and make you feel good about getting the procedures. Best relief I have had in years of severe pain. Thanks to Dr. P and his staff!”

“Everyone is very nice. The procedure is helping, and I have no pain right now. This is the first time that I’ve had this lumbar epidural steroid injection. I would advise this.”

“I absolutely love the staff. My knees and hips feel better, and I can actually sleep.”

“The trigger point shot helps so much. And last longer than the epidural shots. And it just helps me more and last longer. Thanks for all y’all do for me.”

“C7 epidural helps for at least three weeks which is a joy. Usually my pain is 24/7 without any relief so the epidural does help.”

“This place has fully helped my back pain. The staff is amazing along with Dr. Puppala.”

“I have been receiving cervical epidurals from Dr. P during the last year, and during the procedure I choose to stay awake rather than being sedated. During the procedure I’m aware of something going on around my neck and only feels like jolt a few times. After the procedure is complete, I receive immediate relief at 100% and cannot tell you how in you know if were just what that truly means. Thank you Dr. P and alliance for the feeling you get back to me…no arm pain!”

“Came in with a consistent four or five on a pain scale and after I feel about a one so improvement!”

“I have received an enormous amount of relief from the shots that I received from Dr. Puppala. They really helped me and they were almost like night and day.”

“I have been treated excellent by all. Dr. Puppala has been great and everything he and his staff has done has been amazing. I have not felt this good in many years. Awesome crew.”

“This ablation is giving me back my life. I am able to enjoy my family now. My pain level is better now. I wasn’t able to play with my grandkids, and I remember when my daughter used to tell my grandkids be careful with grammi. Now since the ablation, I can get down and play with my grand babies and I am very excited about my life.”

“Thank you so much. I feel so much better then before I came in. It’s wonderful. Not much pain at all.”

“My pain, since I’ve been seeing Dr. Puppala, has improved in ways I have begun to think wasn’t going to happen. I no longer worry about not being able to play and run around with my children. I’m very grateful beyond words.”

“In May of this year, I started having injections-ablations in my back. The The back pain has cleared up. I have had no pain since the procedures. I would recommend this to anyone who does not want surgery.”

“Since my last knee injections, my knees are 100% better. There were days that I could hardly walk, and now I can walk around the yard daily. I would suggest those injections to anyone with bad knees.”

“The last injections used on the left side of my back have helped me tremendously. I am more mobile, thankfully, with the injections. I am also more tolerant of pain. I recommend these injections very much.”

“I came in for a cervical mbb injection. The results were very positive. I could feel a 50% improvement immediately.”

“I was awake during all my procedures with Dr. Puppala and I am now pain-free. If I have a complaint is that he failed to play Indian music for me while being worked on. I hope I never had to have his procedure again but if I do I will return to Dr. Puppala.”

“For years, I couldn’t sleep on my left side. After SI joint procedure, I can sleep on my side and walk short distances without terrible pain.”

“This procedure has helped tremendously. When I came in, I was having headaches so badly I could hardly see. I had to visit the ER a few days before. I received at least 60% relief and still have relief. I understand this is a diagnostic test but it has helped with the pain.”

“Before I have this procedure I was having severe pain on my right side of my face, mostly in my mouth area. The pain was like the most horrible stabbing pain I had ever experienced. Dr. P gave me an injection on my temple on the right. I have been pain-free for over a year, and 14 months later, I am back for another injection. Hopefully I will have the same results as I had from the first one.”

“Came into the office with pain on my right side of my back. Spoke with the doctor; got a trigger injection. Within a minute or so there was not even pressure.”

“I’m a patient of Dr. Puppala and I received an ablation on my right shoulder after having several blocks/trigger point injections. The previous injections help some, but the ablation helped 50 to 60% more. I have much more mobility and less pain. I would definitely recommend it.”

“My experience was awesome, and everything I’ve done works 100% every time. Everybody is very nice and makes you very comfortable. Awesome place to have my procedures done.”

“I entered OR1 and was asked to lie flat on my stomach. Each and every single step, from beginning to end was explained to me. Dr. Puppala then began procedure. I did not have sedation and felt very little at all. During procedure, the most that I felt was a small “jolt in my arm. But absolutely no pain throughout the procedure. I was amazed, as I expected that “worse.” I think each and every staff member for their time and attention. Very professional and attentive! Awesome! Pain 7/10 to a 0/10!”

“My back has been hurting for five or six years. Went to multiple doctors but no luck. Then I found Dr. Puppala and he found the problem in my back and went in and burned the nerves and in three days, I had 100% pain gone. It has still been gone almost one year. Then he fix both my shoulders. They have had 100% relief for about 14 months. Then he worked on my nerves at the base of my skull. He burnt those and my headaches were gone after about 3 to 4 days. I have a huge fusion in my neck and he has worked on that diligently. I couldn’t make it without Dr. P.”

“I was taking Oxy and Hydro Codon before I met Dr. P. I have been to sports medicine doctors and chiropractors for years. After seven years of medications, Dr. P started nerve burns and epidurals and after approx. 2 years, no more pain meds. Injections helped so much I can hunt and weld again like I was in my 40’s again. Doing things with the grandkids and my children out doing physical activities with them. I will be 59 this year.”

“I feel 50% better after the shot.”

“I have the left side of my back done. I had it done in three steps. I stash no pain the day after either step and had between 70 to 90% relief of pain. And the third step the following day, I experience 85 to 90% pain relief and still to this day two weeks later experience the same.”

“As I come out of the procedure, my headache has went from a seven to it two.”

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